AWS Deployment of Django apps

whois shows NS-CLOUD-D1.GOOGLEDOMAINS.COM etc and IP location shows Amazon Data Services. Do you host your python / django apps on AWS ? If so, can you post a tutorial on deploying to AWS too ?

Look at you doing the research lol. If I remember correctly I have it running on Heroku which I think under the hood uses AWS so unfortunately I don’t have something great for you on that. BUT, we do have this guide which you can use amazon EC2 with: Deploying Django project on Linux server (Ubuntu + Gunicorn + Nginx + Supervisor + Ufw)

Thank you for your reply. At work we use Django which is on AWS’s EC2 - but this is a huge project.
My personal websites are on where there is a one-click installer for Django and it’s super simple to deploy. They use different apps for both static and media which makes it efficient to use since the memory consumption for the actual Django app is far lower.

That’s really cool! I’ll have to check them out