Django3 TODO - Next Level: email verification link

I implemented user registration with email verification link in Django TODOWOO project. A great project to master Django3 basics but with solid user registration system!

Thanks to the cool Nick Walter. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

IT-Support-L2/Django3-User-Registration-Sytem: Todo web application with email activation (

Beautiful! Nice work :smiley: I love the GIF

Hey nick sensei, hope you are doing great like always.

I have a suggestion: last 2 weeks I was crawling the web searching for clear and easy to follow tutorial for full user django 3 registration system: register with email verification link, login, logout, reset password with email verification link, change password, change email with verification link, change username, offer 2factor authentication in user setting dashboard. As you know all tutorials I found they are blurry, buggy, outdated or missing.

I bet million $ that such course will be the Django 3 course N1 since as you know there is no one single clear course about professional Django authentication with email verification.

So an ecommerce project with solid user authentication system and cart views will be the kamekameha of the year 2021 !! No one did it!

And with such course and with your well-known smooth teaching methodology, no doubt any learner will land a Django dev intern.