Django4 Course?

I noticed on the site you have a page for Django 4 Course Resources

Everything you need to get the most out of my Django 4 course

Does this exist? I cannot find the course

I’ve started using Django 4.0.3 on my recent project on a virtual environment.
99% of version 3 code will work in version 4 - atleast the basics of Django.
Maybe someone can do a course / tutorial on the brand new features on Django 4 specifically but there’s no point in redoing the course just for version 4.

I get that, and I am going through the 3.0 course. Awesome for sure. I was just asking about the reference here:

I have the same question, as Django 4 adds async views.

Ya Django 4 is mostly the same. And yes some new stuff that I hope to make a course on (that’s why that Django 4 page exists) but as of now the earliest it would happen would be the fall :confused:

OK. Thanks for the update!

ZappyCode - Django 4.1 beta is out - final will be in August 2022. So might as well prepare for new features in 4.1.

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