Installing django on windows

Hello all,

I’ve tried to install Django as indicated by Nick and it installed successfully but I received an warning message about it not being in the PATH.

When I ran the django-admin command I got an error message: ‘django-admin’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

I managed to solve my problem by following the indications from How to install Django on Windows | Django documentation | Django and creating first a virtual py environment where I installed django.

However, I have no clue what happened or why what I did works. Can somebody enlighten me?

Thank you in advance

Guess your python interpreter has a problem. Just reinstall it and don’t forget while running the setup there will be an option to ADD TO PATH. Make sure to enable that
Thank You Sir

u can as well check and add -neccessary PATH to your windows. how to do that u find here: . Look for last chapter: Add The Executable File Path To Environment Variables

This issue is in relation with python installation not django.

Here’s fast and efficient solution:

1- Uninstall python
2- Reboot your comp
3- Reinstall python: IMPORTANT: as you click on python installer, you will get a window asking you if you want to check 2 boxes, CHECK THEM BOTH and click install.

See the attached image for exact task to follow. unnamed

PS: In the image it is showing python version 3.5, well, its the same for all python versions, here it is only as an example not a requirement. So download whatever version you need then never forget to check the 2 boxes.

Thank you very much for the three of you. I will follow your suggestions